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Gearbox rebuild

  • 3 mw test stand – 40 ton crane capacity
  • Variable load / variable speed
  • Oil conditioning
  • Vibration data collection & analysis
  • Adaptable to customer needs

Main shaft rebuild

  • Improved bearing designs available
  • Servicing all platforms

Engineering solutions

  • Engineered design improvements & reverse engineering
  • Root cause failure analysis

Logistics management

  • Dedicated trucks (including specialized loads) and drivers for shipping and receiving

Employee specialty training program & customer training


RENEW works with some of the largest owner/operators and utilities of industrial-scale wind farms in the United States and Canada. We offer Remanufacturing Services, including gearbox and main shaft rebuilds of wind turbines. We also offer engineering solutions and logistics management. 

The professionals at RENEW repair wind turbine components, focusing primarily on drive train components, which consist of the gearbox and the main shaft of wind turbines.

Our standard operating procedure is to take in a gearbox, whether it’s customer-owned or a core that we exchange, and then completely disassemble it and analyze the internal components. We qualify certain components for reuse and write up a report on what failed. We then replace those components that are broken or worn out. 

RENEW performs 3MW Tests, which allow us to replicate loads that the wind turbine’s gearbox would incur, in order to ensure that all parts are assembled and that they perform correctly. These tests save owners money on cranes, labor, and lost production. 

We also rebuild and remanufacture the main shaft of wind turbines. Main shafts are large metal shafts that resemble the shaft of a vehicle, but are much bigger in size. Either one or two bearings support the shaft, as well as the weight of the rotor assembly. Oftentimes, these bearings are prone to fail for a variety of reasons; from load or design defects, to lack of lubrication, to debris, or any number of other factors. These bearings are large and when they fail, RENEW comes in and disassembles the entire assembly. We send it to a workshop to be repaired, perform the cleanup on the shaft where the bearing sets or mounts, and then we re-install the replacement bearing once it arrives. 

Additionally, RENEW offers engineering services for owners and operators of wind turbines. When a wind turbine fails, there are multiple factors that could have led to the failure. We spend the time understanding what the failure was, how it failed, and why. That allows us to focus on those weak areas in the gearbox and find a better solution. 

Many of those solutions, those engineered improvements, consist of things one wouldn’t necessarily see with the naked eye. We provide material improvements for gears or bearings, offer coding solutions, and other types of enhancement on bearings to make them more wear-resistant. We perform micro-geometry changes on the profiles of gear tooths to help them distribute loads more effectively, and so much more. If there is a problem with your gearbox, RENEW will find it and solve it. 

We partner with our sister companies (TAKKION, Transportation Partners and Logistics, and Global Specialized Services) to offer Logistics Management. RENEW prepares the components to be moved, lines up the actual logistics of the move, and is responsible for repairing said components, getting them from Point A to Point B. 

Additionally, RENEW offers Employee Specialty Training, as well as Customer Training.

The wind industry is a very technical industry and we offer training for heavy equipment mechanics, precision machinists, and various other technicians. We teach our technicians how to take critical measurements with finely tuned and calibrated instruments and we teach them the nomenclature of all components, how they fit together, and what happens if they don’t fit together.  

RENEW invests heavily in technical training, and we have created an apprenticeship program, which establishes a clear and defined path forward for our technicians and future technicians. We teach them basic training and give them a roadmap on the skills that they will develop as part of the RENEW team.  

More than anything, RENEW is focused on quality. We are disciplined in our processes and we are ISO compliant. We are a culture that cares about our employees and our customers.


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    Founded in 2009 by renewable energy industry veterans, RENEW is a recognized, established, independent industry leader. We have extensive experience with all major wind turbine makes and models, and our turnkey solar operations mean your project is in good hands. We are a one-stop shop for all your service needs. Our main goal is the same as yours, maximize uptime and minimize costs.

    We believe in straight talk and accountability and live each day with honesty, loyalty and courage. We are employee owned and have a high employee retention rate because we take pride in our work, and treat our people like the asset they are. Because of this you can expect an exemplary safety program and track record, we are fast, flexible a responsive, and we have services tailored to meet your needs and budget. Trust RENEW with all your wind and solar needs.

    Our focus is to deliver only the highest quality service and products to our customers, employees, and shareholders. RENEW is committed to providing quality service and products that meet or exceed our customer's expectations, on time and at a fair price. Management is committed to continually improve the quality management system.

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