In October of 2022, the Remanufacturing Division of RENEW Energy received its ISO9001 Certification. 

ISO9001 Certification is, according to its website, “a set of five quality management systems standards that help organizations ensure they meet customer and other stakeholder needs within statutory and regulatory requirements related to a product or service.”

RENEW Energy accomplished its ISO9001 Certification last year. This is a major accomplishment for the Remanufacturing Division because it is the first division of the company to receive this certification. But the most challenging part about receiving this certification isn’t getting it, it’s keeping it. According to the results of the audit, that’s exactly what RENEW has done.

“In regards to the ISO certification, initially last year we did the registration audit,” said Paul Terwee, the QC Manager for RENEW’s Remanufacturing Division. “This year, it was a recertification audit, just to make sure that everything they noticed in the first audit is still what we’re doing. It’s to make sure that we’re still following all of the processes and procedures that we have in place, keeping all of the necessary documentation to prove good quality, and making sure that there were no errors or, if there were errors, that we took the necessary actions to correct them.” 

The audit was done by a third-party auditing firm called IMSM. IMSM, per its website, “provides expert consultancy for certification of your business. By becoming ISO certified, your business gains a similar level of international recognition by meeting the standards that are important to your industry. It shows commitment to those standards. It’s a commitment that can be recognized by potential customers, existing customers, and your staff.” 

RENEW Energy is extremely committed to constantly improving, constantly evolving, and constantly innovating. Right now, RENEW’s Remanufacturing Division is the first division of the company to be ISO9001 certified, but eventually, the entire company aims to be certified. 

According to the ISO90001 Audit Checklist, the Remanufacturing Division was required to provide a number of different documents, including quality manual and procedural documents, quality policies, training plans, and more. They were also required to ensure that their organization and responsibilities are up to date. Additionally, they were required to provide a review of organizational risks, opportunities, and more. 

Most importantly, the Remanufacturing Division was required to provide a review of quality objectives, ensuring that they have been met. They were also required to provide evidence of the effectiveness of: 

  • Training provided for personnel
  • Corrective and preventative measures arising from internal audits
  • Non-conformance control
  • Customer complaints.

“What this entire process means is that we’re following all procedures and that we have everything documented and presentable for our customers,” Terwee stated. “Really, the entire point of this is for our customers. None of them require us to have this certification, but it really gives them peace of mind. If there are ever any issues with the components that we send them, we will have documentation, and we’ll have traceability. We’ll be able to find out what went wrong, where it went wrong, and we will implement actions to make sure that the issue doesn’t happen again in the future. It’s very customer-focused.”

That is the purpose of everything the Remanufacturing Division does. It’s the purpose of everything RENEW does, and it’s the purpose of everything Takkion as a whole does – to ensure their customers are getting the very best service and products available. 

“It shows that we’re really taking this seriously,” Terwee said. “And it proves that this wasn’t a case of getting certified initially and then putting it on the back burner. Quality is still at the forefront of our minds, and it always will be. And this shows that we’re taking actions every day to improve and strengthen our quality.”