RENEW Energy Quality Policy

If you’re going to do something, do it right. That’s something that everybody’s father has told them at least once in their life, and it’s something that RENEW Energy exemplifies in every project they complete. RENEW holds themselves to a certain standard that allows them to lead the way for wind and solar power maintenance.

Because of their commitment to excellence, RENEW has created a quality policy to ensure they are held to the utmost standards in every project they complete.

“Our focus is to deliver only the highest quality service and products to our customers, employees, and shareholders,” the quality policy states. “RENEW is committed to providing quality service and products that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations, on time and at a fair price. Management is committed to continually improve the quality management system.”

And that is what they continue to do, year after year, project after project. They hold themselves accountable – to themselves and to their customers.

“We knew early on, just with the different areas of turbines that we touch, that there was going to be some scrutiny,” said Josh Ackerman, the Business Development Manager for RENEW. “If something goes wrong on a project, someone’s going to expect some answers. And we really needed a department that could take up those investigations and figure out what happened and how to prevent similar things from happening in the future.”

So, a team was assembled to address any issues that may come up during a project. The Quality Control team was created to ensure that if something happened, ideally, it wouldn’t happen again.

This team, and this policy, are a benefit not only to the company, but to RENEW’s customers as well.

“By having some quality standards established, and really driving the quality mindset across the entire technician base and, really, the entire company, that’s ensuring that the customers are getting not only a timely repair or product, but also a quality repair or product,” said Dan Creegan, RENEW’s General Manager of Field Services. “Really what we strive for with the policy is to make sure that the technicians know that the work they’re doing – not only does it need to be quality, but we should be able to leave and be proud of what we did that day and be proud of the product we put out there. I think our policy helps drive that which, in turn, ultimately means that the customers get not only a better service or product, but a crew that is willing to say ‘We did that,’ and we’re comfortable saying that because we know we did it right and we did it well.”

A shining example of that comes from a recent project that RENEW worked on.

RENEW recently partnered with its sister company, Transportation Partners & Logistics to provide a turnkey solution for a wind energy company. Technicians performed a gearbox replacement in two wind turbines and, after the project, site managers received an email from the company, extolling their professionalism and their commitment to excellence.

“Please communicate to all how impressed we were with your tech crew’s performance and attention to detail,” the email read. “They completely blew our socks off with how hard they pushed taking advantage of the scarce and all-too-brief low-wind periods.  We’re extremely happy we finally had Renew on site for some large corrective work.  The quality and work ethic we witnessed during the up-tower repairs was equally evident during these GBX swaps.”

Creegan said that the RENEW team exemplified everything that their quality policy ensures. In short, they made him proud.

“We got an email from the gentleman on site and he essentially said that they were really impressed with the way our team handled themselves,” Creegan revealed. “When we had high winds, they obviously couldn’t do a whole lot of work, but as soon as the winds dropped off – whether it was the evening, late at night, or an overnight shift – they were willing to come in and do the work; just trying to find those periods of time where we could get some work done. He reiterated that some of his other contractors really aren’t so willing to find those opportunities, so they end up just sitting there for days on end without being able to work. So, he said that they were extremely happy with the RENEW team they had on site.” And that is the type of response that RENEW seeks to invoke on every project, big or small. The adage says that we should accept the things that we cannot control, and that’s true. But quality of service is something RENEW Energy can control, and they do. Every single time.