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Construction Services

RENEW will meet all of your construction needs. We supply EPC services from a single WTG to complete wind farm installations.

  • WTG Installation
  • Tower Cabling & Wiring
  • RENEW is now an Electrical Contractor
  • Commissioning
  • Owners (and/or) Manufacturers Representation / Technical Field Advisory / Walk Downs
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control
  • Punch List
  • Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC)


RENEW  is proud to partner with our sister companies (TAKKION, Transportation Partners and Logistics, Global Specialized Services and Airway Services) to offer construction services for any project from a single wind turbine generator, all the way to complete wind farm installations. From any phase of your project, RENEW offers turnkey solutions. We assist OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) such as Siemens, GE Mestas, and more in technical field advisory and commissioning and break-in maintenance on new projects. When it comes to asset-owners, we supply third-party quality control and inspection services to ensure those owners are getting a good product, every time. 

RENEW specializes in Tower Cabling and Wiring. After mechanics put the product together, our team installs the power generation and communication cables from the top to the bottom of the wind turbine and performs all of the terminations from the top to the bottom of the turbine. We prepare the electrical installation portion of the construction of the turbine, preparing it for power. 

When it comes to WTG Installation, we handle everything from delivery all the way through to installation. We receive the equipment, offload it, inspect it, prepare, install it, and mechanically complete it. 

RENEW performs commissioning services on all WTG’s. Once a wind turbine is complete, once it’s standing up and all the bolts are tight and everything is in place, we energize the turbine and perform a variety of tests, ensuring there are no errors. We make sure all functions of the turbine are operating as they’re supposed to before it begins making power. 

We also offer Owner/Manufacturer representation, making sure that our clients are getting the best quality products. Owners of wind turbines can hire RENEW as subject experts to offer quality checks, including everything from making sure bolts are tight, alignments are getting done, making sure there are no paint chips or that blades don’t have cracks. WE oversee the product our clients purchase from the time it shows up on site, while it’s prepared, while it’s installed and, finally, when it’s turned over to the owner. We make sure you get what you pay for. 

We also prepare punch lists for our customers. This is a checklist of sort, taking stock of any issues that might be affecting a turbine. We create the checklist of repairs for the owners, who are then able to hire a group to come and make the necessary repairs.


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    Founded in 2009 by renewable energy industry veterans, RENEW is a recognized, established, independent industry leader. We have extensive experience with all major wind turbine makes and models, and our turnkey solar operations mean your project is in good hands. We are a one-stop shop for all your service needs. Our main goal is the same as yours, maximize uptime and minimize costs.

    We believe in straight talk and accountability and live each day with honesty, loyalty and courage. We are employee owned and have a high employee retention rate because we take pride in our work, and treat our people like the asset they are. Because of this you can expect an exemplary safety program and track record, we are fast, flexible a responsive, and we have services tailored to meet your needs and budget. Trust RENEW with all your wind and solar needs.

    Our focus is to deliver only the highest quality service and products to our customers, employees, and shareholders. RENEW is committed to providing quality service and products that meet or exceed our customer's expectations, on time and at a fair price. Management is committed to continually improve the quality management system.

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