RENEW's Oil Change Service provides the ultimate convenience and quality control.


  • Mainbearing Flushing

  • 4 Oil Change Trailers

  • 3 Class B Oil Change Trucks

  • All Units Have 4 Tank Systems:

    • Waste Oil Tank

    • Flush Oil Tank with Oil Heating and Filtration

    • Rinse Oil Tank with Oil Heating and Filtration

    • New Oil Tank with Oil Heating and Filtration

  • System Heaters Achieve 140 degrees F

  • Tank Filtration is Capable of 5um (5 micron)

  • All Systems are Self-Contained with Secondary Containment

  • All Units Have Three Separate Hoses to Eliminate Cross-Contamination:

    • Waste Oil Hose

    • Flush/Rinse Oil Hose

    • New Oil Hose

4 Hydraulic Oil Change Systems


  • Joint venture with Onyx InSight

  • Specially designed equipment to optimize efficiency, quality, and safety

  • Engineering tooling to minimize cost in flushing process (preventative maintenance versus reactive)

  • Comprehensive inspection with pictures during flush process

  • Change brands of grease and minimize compatibility concerns

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