• Internal
  • External Ground (High Powered Camera)
  • External Up Tower
  • End of Warranty
  • Construction
  • Port and Transportation


  • Internal
  • External Ground
  • External Up Tower
  • Construction
  • Port and Transportation


  • Internal Tower Cleaning (Oil Spills)
  • External Tower Cleaning (Oil/Grease)
  • Nacelle Cleaning
  • Blade Cleaning
  • Soot/Ash Cleaning


  • Nacelle Hatches and Covers
  • Nose Cone Hatches and Covers
  • Blade Closeouts
  • Replacement Blade Tips
  • Blade Collars
  • Tower Collars/Grease Trays


  • Fire Restoration
  • VG Manufacturing and Installation
  • Leading Edge Refinishing
  • Nacelle Painting
  • Internal/External Tower Painting


confident & cost conscious

  • We have repaired numerous blades that our competitors have turned away due to the size of the damage.  
  • Our experience and confidence in blade repairs is unparalleled in the field, saving our customers millions.
  • RENEW is in constant communication with our suppliers to be sure we have the best products available in the field.

Manufacturing experience

  • Our composites team started in the wind turbine blade manufacturing industry.
    • Manufacturing experience with Hand Lay-Up processes and infusion methods.
    • Our team has helped improve processes at various blade manufacturing facilities.

Experienced & Specialized

  • Experienced in quality control and production.
  • In-depth understanding of the structural design for wind turbine blades, as well as materials used in the building process.
  • Our team has performed over 50,000 blade inspections to date, including both internal and external.
    • We have performed blade inspections during the manufacturing process for owners and developers.
    • Our team inspects an average of 3,000 blades per year (internal, external and end of warranty).
  • Our team has a continuous training program to be sure that everyone meets RENEW's high expectations in the field.
  • RENEW has its own field repair manual that is in constant review for improvements on processes and repairs.